Prayer Time Board is simple app that provides you Namaz Times and related informations. App is very simple and not added any complexity so you can use it easily. App Main Features are : # Prayer Board : ● English Date ● Hijri Date ● Current Time ● Current Location by GPS ● Current Prayer Time (Namaz Time) ● Adhan Time (you need to set for your nearer Masjid) ● Jama'at Time (you need to set for your nearer Masjid) ● Current prayer with Start Time and End Time ● Fajr,Dhuhr,Asr,Magharib,Isha,Sunrise,Mid Day, Sunset # Qibla : ● Shows Accurate Qibla(Makkah,Mecca) Direction ● Qaba Angle ● Current Location by GPS # Prayer Rakats ● Shows how many Rakats need to perform in each Prayer Time ● Information about Farz, Sunnat e Mu'akkadah, Witr Waajib, Sunnat e Gair Mu'akkadah,Nafl, Tarawih, Eid-Ul-Fitr,Eid-ul-Adhaha # Settings ● ON / OFF Prayer Time Notification ● Change method of Calculate Prayer Times ● Manual Correction in Prayer Times ● Asr,Juristic Calculation Method ● Hijri Correction ● Select Adhan Timer for All Namaz ● Select Jama'at Time for All Namaz Note : if you are getting any issue with prayer Time, Qibla or found any bug in app, Please contact us on our website.